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Nature's Remedies is here to support
your well being...
Rest assured you will receive the same discounts and loyalty benefits that our customers receive in person.

I set up this website with the intention of offering the same kind of individualised and personal service that you would receive if you were able to visit us in person.

 You are not going to find page after page of products, which may or may not be available, and impersonal product descriptions and sales jargon.
You will find unbiased, information about the products and services we can and do offer.
You will find a contact form which you can use for advice.
You will also find links to the websites of a few of the companies whose products I proudly sell and recommend. This is purely so that if you have an idea of what you want already, or you just want to browse, you can, then just contact us with your order. 

With this in mind I would like to invite you to email, phone or use the contact form for advice/service. 

Please feel free to outline your problem/s, but to save time, please don't forget to mention any existing medical condition/s and any medication or nutritional or herbal supplements that you already take.

We wish you good health!

Our shop has its own Therapy Room with qualified Staff.

Opening Times are 9.30am to 5pm Monday to Saturday. Closed Sunday.

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We accept most major credit cards.
Postal and Local delivery service may be available.

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